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Alright, I just have to comment on this matter. Subject: Black Americans being called African American.

I don’t care what Jackson said, but you people need to put an end to this. The following reasons are below.

• It’s distancing black Americans from all other Americans. You don’t call people of European decent European American. I never here Oriental American or Hispanic American.

• I don’t mean this to be offensive to people actually from Africa, but it’s degrading. It’s like the US is saying, black people don’t deserve the title of just plain American because they’re not recognized as such. They’re lower than everyone of a lighter pigment or different race, therefore they are African Amer.

• There are plenty of Africans that aren’t “black.”

• Not all black Americans have ancestry that come directly from Africa, and it’s not impossible for them to have an interracial ethnic background.

• Might as well call every American, African American, because it is the motherland; the place where Homo sapiens were born.

This most likely won’t get anywhere, but that doesn’t mean I won’t rush to correct anyone that refers to me as an African American. I was born in the US. My parents are from Haiti. My ethnic background is filled with different nationalities and races. Because of the pigment of my skin, I’m labeled as black. I’m perfectly fine with being referred to as a black American, because I am indeed black (or brown more realistically) and I was born on the United States of America’s soil.

Thank you for reading, and good day.

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